The Jewel Of Epicene – Chapter 2

The banister in the stairway had been artfully wrapped in matching white satin and lace while every other step was graced with a bountiful bouquet of white tulips at each side.  As Sir proudly steadied His prize with His hand at waist height, her tummy fluttered as a thousand butterflies filled her insides.  Each step required the utmost precision in her high heels.  She loved how their jingle echoed through the hallway with each delicate step.

She mewled as her sex continued to involuntarily ooze into her panty liner.  She knew, from previous experience, just how little absorbency it offered her feeble body.  Sasha could only pray her panties could manage to contain her dribbles long enough.

Once at the base of the stairs, Sir grasped her by the chin and turned her head to the side and upward to face Him.  “Be a good girl and wait in the room down the hall until we’re ready.  Be a good baby-girl for me, okay dear?”

The phrase ‘good baby-girl’ was one of the first phrases from her involuntary training Sir had forced upon her subconscience.  Its purpose was so devilishly simple and yet so exquisitely powerful.  She felt His hold envelop her being as a mixture of dopamine and oxytocin surged through her body.  These naturally occurring drugs are released during sexual intercourse and provide us the amazing experience we all come to crave.  Sir has mastered the art of using His captive’s body against their own self-interests.  Deep down, Sasha knew she didn’t want this, and yet she was powerless to resist His very presence as the drugs exhausted her cortisol, the stress hormone, and left her feeling content, relaxed, and sociable.  With His expertise, He could placate even the most indignant sissy. 

Inside, the room was just as opulently decorated as what she had already seen.  The large chandelier commanded its presence as light filed the room via the massive floor to ceiling mirrors that filled each wall.  Sasha first made her wat towards the French patio doors that revealed the rows of white wooden back chairs that lined the courtyard.  There must be over two hundred people outside she thought. 

As her gaze studied the plethora of people outside, her eyes met with a single individual looking back at her through the glass.  Just like a small child, she bashfully turned around to hide her timid face from his peering eyes.  As she spun in place, Sasha quickly lost her balance and feel to the floor with a loud thud and feminine yelp, but not before her hand grasped a nearby table lamp and brought it crashing down with her. 

The poor girl landed in such a way that her derriere was put on display for all the outside guests to see.  With her petticoat flipped up and over her head, her knickers and garter straps were all anyone could focus on through those spotless French doors she had cleaned just yesterday.

Sasha’s eyes teared as she became overwhelmed with emotions.  As she cried motionless on the ground and hidden beneath her petticoat, she heard a pair of footsteps fast approaching.  With her hands buried in her face the lady quickly put Sasha’s petticoat back into its proper position before raising her head and pulling her hands from her face.

“There there, Sasha.  It’s okay, dear.”  The soothing woman’s voice was so tranquil and calming for poor Sasha.  “Can you tell your Aunt Debbie what happened here? Aunt Debbie removed her gag, giving Sasha her first opportunity to speak.

Sasha quickly wiped the tears from her face and desperately tried to stifle her sniffling nose before speaking.  Thank goodness her makeup was waterproof.  It was a lessor her Master had learned early on.

“I… I was looking outside when… when… when a man looked right at me.”  She desperately held back her tears while struggling to finish her sentence.  “He startled me, Aunt Debbie…”

“Oh Sasha, my dear!  Everything is okay.  I’m sure he was simply admiring your beauty!  Now honey, go play with your coloring books on the desk over there and I’ll get this all cleaned up.”

With that, Aunt Debbie re-secured the gag deep into her mouth before she helped Sasha back to her feet and gave her a light pat on the bum as she watched her mince over to her coloring books. 

Sasha colored away as time passed unknowingly to her.  After an unknown amount of time, her coloring was interrupted when the door to the room burst open and a large group of people came storming in.  The laughter and cheering filled the previously silent room as nearly half a dozen women entered.  Sasha was taken aback by the beautiful dresses they each wore.  Each had a matching off the shoulder neckline dress in a light lavender color with a beautiful lace bodice, a ribbon defined waist, and slit skirt.  Were those bridesmaid dresses?

During their frantic giggling session, one of the girls caught Sasha sitting at the desk and immediately squealed in excitement.

“Oh my god!  Everyone, it’s Sasha!”  The group quickly fell deafly silent before an uproarious cheer filled the air once more.  The group quickly encircled poor Sasha, picking her from the chair and placing her on her feet in the center of the room.

“She’s adorable!” said one.  “I hope my flower girl can look so beautifully cute someday soon!”  said another.  As they continued to praise her good looks, Sasha furrowed her brow in confusion as the realization of what the second woman had said hit her.

“Flower girl?”  Sasha spoke in perplexed confusion while looking down at her white dress. 

If I’m the flower girl, then who is…  Before she could finish the thought the door opened once more and a woman in a white dress much prettier, opulent, expensive than hers entered the room clutching a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

… the bride?

The Jewel Of Epicene – Chapter 1

She awoke to the sound she had come to dread.  In an instant, the sheets were flung off the bed while the timer counted down from 600.  Numbers were a difficult subject for her vapid sex filled brain to decipher anymore.  All she cared for was pleasing Sir. 

She had laid out her attire the night before, as she did every evening, in an attempt to save herself valuable seconds the following morning.  The timer read 550 as she plucked the panties from their hanger.  The display of her clothing was just as important to Sir as when it adorned her feminine body.  The slippery satin sent a chill down her spine while the white lace tickled her thighs.  They had a special naughtiness only those most intimate with her would come to realize.

Next came the garter and thigh highs.  Eagerly she slid them up her hairless legs until it settled into place around her waist.  Early into her training, she found it difficult for them to remain in place.  Fortunately for her, Master had an answer to every problem.  The special vitamins given to her each morning made sure her derriere and hips grew outward to further accentuate her beautiful form.

The corset was a permanent fixture of her appearance.  Its unforgiving strain had already reduced her waist by a frightful six inches.  She had to be mindful of its presence, as short successive breaths were now involuntary.  The days of filling her lungs with a deep breath, or performing any strenuous activity were a forlorn memory.  Daring so would risk fainting, or worse.

The brassiere quickly became her favorite article of clothing for the relief it so eagerly provided her petite frame.  It didn’t take long for the vitamins to expand her bosom to a back breaking 28G.  Sir had always insisted she take the natural path to femininity.  As such, implants were strictly forbidden.  Her mammaries were a trophy of His to display, and a warning to those that cross His path.  She adored playing with them.  Their sensitive areolas stood at attention as she tweaked them in the mirror.  Her panties now wet with the lust for Sir to…

The timer chirped as it read 300.  Had she really wasted so much time fondling her breasts?  Her vacuous head hastened to finish in time for her Master.  Failure was never a pleasant experience for her.  He demanded absolute perfection from his girl, yet had drained her of wit so He could teach her His ways, and she loved the lessons Sir taught her.  Oh how she loved when she was brought to her knees and…

200 left.  She quickly pulled the petticoat up and secured it at the waist.  Its many layers of cotton and chiffon trimmed in lace gave her the dainty prissy look He so admired.  She twirled while admiring herself in the mirror.  She loved how it bounced with each step and provided passerby’s a peak underneath when she bent over. 

150 to go.  Almost ready, she confided in herself.  The dress lowered from above as she stretched her arms skyward.  It was masterfully crafted to her exacting proportions.  Sir demanded each article of clothing shape her body to perfection, and the dress was the crown jewel of her ensemble.  Today’s was brilliantly white and featured layers of glittery tulle, metallic lace bodice, and a darling heart cutout at the back, and a preciously cute satin sash secured with a bow.  Why you ask?  Why would any girl wear an elegantly adorable, made to measure white dress?

100.  The timer continued on.  The matching opera gloves were slipped into place on her dainty and silky smooth arms.  The electrolysis made that an ever lasting certainty.

80. The collar was locked around her neck.  The tag, front and center, read ‘Pathetic Pansy’.  It sent jubilant shivers down her spine each time she heard the words.  Certainly a pavlovian response by now. 

60. The heels were displayed to her for the first time.  An overtly feminine pair of sparkling white ankle strap 5” heels ensured she was seen with each step as their bells announced each mincing step she would soon take. The locking latches ensured her dainty gait late into the evening without remit.

50 seconds.  The machine worked feverishly as a cloud of makeup and hairspray engulfed her head while it masterfully primped and pampered her into a thing of feminine beauty.  Mascara, blush, lipstick, foundation, and eye shadow.  It was all done to His exacting standards, just as it was every morning.

30 seconds.  While the makeup continued in haste, her nails were encased in acrylic and masterfully painted in pink.  They were a thing of elegance and perfectly contrasted next to her white dress.

10 seconds. Without hesitation, a phallic object thrust into her pillowly lips.  A moan escaped her lips as it slid past her tongue and teased the back of her throat.  She was no stranger to objects in her orifice, and had experienced this one enough times to know it was an exact replica of His.  She couldn’t speak a word, and yet she still murmured ‘Thank you, Sir.’ out of respect and adoration for her Master.

Lastly came the veil adorned with pearl clusters to form tiny flowers on the two-tier pencil-edge tulle.  It affixed to her hair and teased the small of her back with its length.  She had only seen them in pictures until just now.  Any anxiety she may have had was subsequently placated with its presence.  She now knew, without doubt, what today’s special occasion was.

As the timer expired, she sashayed over to her pedestal located at the foot of the bed and waited for Him.  The jewel encrusted gag brilliantly sparkled between her seductively parted lips.  He was sure to ravage her, she mused.  She quickly found her form once atop the pedestal.  Feet together, hands at her side and fingers splayed outward just as she had been taught so many months ago. 

Once the door opened and He entered she masterfully performed her required curtsy.  Placing one foot behind the other, she bent her knees and pulled the hem of the dress outward while bowing her head.  She didn’t dare look at him while performing her submissive duty.

Sir studied her for a moment to admire the beauty that stood before him.  Months of work had led to this moment.  She had endured so much to reach this point.  Her mind and body were ready.  The trials and tribulations had all been worth it, she could see that now.

As his hand caressed her cheek, she wanted nothing more than to submit fully to Him, her Master.  She desperately wanted to tell him as such, yet the gag ensured she remain in demure silence.

“Are you ready?” He asked with a passionate lust only a real man could attain.

She nodded as her innocent doey eyes took in the most handsomely dressed man she had ever seen.  Her sex dripped with desire at what was soon to come.

“Then take my hand, Sasha.  Lets make you mine forever.” 

Her dainty and soft fingers grasped his burly hand.  The soft satin gloves made her feel like a proper woman, if just this once.  As He helped her down from the pedestal on which she stood, the sissy could feel the last remnant of her previous life twitch in her panties as a small pool dribbled from its tip.  Thank goodness, she thought, Sir had the presence of mind for her to wear a liner this wondrous day.

Sissies Must Be Trained To Stay Limp

This evening Mistress allowed me the pleasure of riding my dildo with one condition. As soon as I get an erection I must immediately stop and be put back in chastity until she permits me to give it another try.

It goes without saying I am forbidden from touching my pathetic little clitty while doing so. She says this method will continue until I am able to dribble my sissy cream from pussy stimulation only like a properly trained sissy.

Below is a 10 second clip of my first attempt. Anyone want to make a guess at how long I lasted? Additional videos will be uploaded soon!

Introducing Miss Pansy Bouffant!

Miss Pansy Bouffant is a sissy dress with a petticoat far larger than the brain of the sissy wearing it.

The sissy was forced into her D cup breasts that were attached with medical grade adhesive to ensure the sissy is unable to remove them during her daily tasks.

Her heels jingle with each step so mistress doesn’t need to keep an eye on sissy to verify she is dutifully working through her long and arduous tasks around the house. The locking ankle restraints ensure small mincing steps to further exaggerated her ditsy walk.

The tag on her locking posture collar adorned with more bells reads “Pathetic Pansy”, announcing to everyone she may come into contact with her true self worth.

In the video below, sissy maid Sasha is practicing her curtsy for Mistress’ return from her weekend long trip later this evening.

Day 3 – Diapers Diapers And More Diapers

I don’t have a big update today due to my busy schedule. I went through three diapers today and flooded the one I wore to work on the drive home! I’m just glad it didn’t happen a few minutes earlier!

I have already come to love the naughty feeling of relieving myself while at work. I wonder what my coworkers would think if they knew about the dirty little secret under the professional facade I show at work…

For bedtime I’m wearing another Little For Big onesie with cute animal prints and white tights for the cute and innocent looking baby. Onesies really are a lifesaver to keep a diaper from sagging and getting unruly.

Day 1 In Diapers With The Isabella Sissy Dress

Hello! So far my first day wearing diapers has gone without a hitch. I’m currently on my second diaper for the day after drinking quite a lot this morning.

After getting myself cleaned up this morning I was told to wear the Isabella Sissy Dress you see in the pictures below. This dress is accompanied by a petticoat, pinafore, five inch heels, pink gloves, a plastic diaper cover with bows and jingling bells, and white tights! The dress and heels have been locked on with adorable silver heart locks to prevent me from removing them until Mistress says so.

The bells on the diaper cover ensure I cannot sneak up on Mistress and announce every move I make. She says it’s so she can know where her little girl is at all times.

I’ll Be Spending A Full Week In Diapers

Starting Saturday, February 2nd at 8 AM I will begin spending a full seven days, or more, in diapers.  It’s a fantasy I have wanted to try for quite some time now, and after building up the courage to ask it’s finally going to happen! 

I have been fortunate to have a girlfriend, who is also my Mistress when she wants to be, that is incredibly compassionate and understanding when it comes to the lifestyle I wish to indulge in.  When I asked her if she would help me live out a fantasy of mine to wear diapers for a week she happily agreed to help.

Before starting, we put together a list of agreed upon rules I would follow.

Sissy Sasha shall follow the agreed upon rules below:

  1. Sissy Sasha will wear diapers for no less than seven days.  Mistress will decide when Sissy Sasha can use the big girl toilet again.
  2. Must obey Mistress at all times
  3.  Refer to her Mistress as Mami
  4.  Prohibited from using toilet to pee.  My diaper is my toilet.
  5. Prohibited from touching my diaper unless permission is given
  6. Prohibited from masturbating in any way, shape, or form
  7. Diaper is never to be removed without permission
  8. Is not allowed to ask to be changed or to complain about the state of my diaper.  Mistress decides when I need a diaper change.
  9. If a pacifier is put in my mouth I am not allowed to remove it or speak.
  10. Required to ask to go number two.  Diaper must be replaced immediately after. If request is denied it must be held or use diaper
  11. All electronics use will be monitored.  Mistress can prohibit use at any time for as long as she wishes
  12. While at home pants, shorts or anything that covers my diaper, unless instructed otherwise, is prohibited. I must change out of “grown-up costume” as soon as I’m through the door. Baby/child/sissy clothes such as plastic pants, onesies, shortalls, footed pajamas, dresses, etc. are allowed.
  13. I must confess to any broken rules immediately.  Failure to do so will result in strict and severe punishment
  14. After 9 pm I may only crawl while at home.  Walking is forbidden.


  1. Enema
  2. Laxative
  3. Suppositories
  4. Castor oil
  5. Butt plug
  6. Chastity
  7. Spanking
  8. Required to go number two in diaper
  9. Must only wear diaper.  All other clothing prohibited.
  10. Double+ diaper and remain unchanged for long length of time
  11. Must drink from bottle and only allowed formula/ensure
  12. Kneel in corner with nose touching floor and padded butt in air
  13. Only allowed to drink from a baby bottle and eat baby food until Mistress decides otherwise
  14. Write out sentence multiple times.  Example: I’m sorry I was a bad baby
  15. Wear an outfit and are not allowed to change or adjust it in any way without permission
  16. Must say out loud and intelligibly when I need to use my diaper, even in public. Regular checks will be performed, any unannounced wetting will be punished.

Because I work in an office I am allowed to change my diaper at work, but only before asking Mistress if I can do so.  Because of this, I’ll be wearing a stuffer or two with the diapers I wear to work.  This should hopefully help prevent the need to change until I can make it home.  In order to remain discreet and professional, I’ll be allowed to change my diaper without first asking at work only if I believe I am about to leak or if I am unfortunate enough to do so.  However, I will be punished once I return home.

I’m going to do my best to provide a daily update for the next seven days, or more, for all of you to follow along on my new and exciting adventure!

If there are any ideas, words of wisdom, or encouragement you have for myself or Mistress please let us know here!

The Sissy Housewife – Part 3

“Do a twirl for me.” Brad commanded as he sat in the corner of the bedroom. “Give me a tease of those frilly panties you’re wearing, sissy!” As Sasha spun in her high heels, her petticoat lifted itself off her body and provided Master the quick glimpse beneath her petticoat he requested.
“Mmmmm… that’s very nice, Sasha. I can tell you’ve been doing your daily posterior workouts. That ass is looking better every day! The Brazilian butt lift was an excellent choice too, don’t you think?” As he finished speaking Brad rose from his seat and began walking towards his prized possession. Sasha instinctively cast her gaze downward as she pulled her dress and petticoat out to each side, crossed her feet, and bent her knees to perform the picture perfect curtsy for her Master.

“Yes, Sir.” Sasha responded with her gaze fixated towards the ground before returning to her original position. “Don’t you think your sissy Sasha needs additional body enhancements?” She was required to always ask for more of whatever she was being complimented about. Not doing so would ensure a harsh punishment from both Master and Mistress.

Brad stood inches away from Sasha now, her fluffy petticoat compressed against her by his imposing figure. With a smirk on his face, Brad reached around and underneath the bouffant petticoat and grabbed a handful of her sculpted ass before giving it a firm squeeze. His other hand rested itself on her waist with a possessive grip. “Hmmm. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea… cunt.” Sasha took his insult just like she did everything else from him, with a smile on her feminized, cum soaked face and a “Thank you, Sir!”

“You’re very welcome, sissy. A good girl like you deserves to be spoiled every once in awhile.”

“Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!” Was the only response the slave could give in return.

“You are just so adorable, Sasha!” Grace once again joined the conversation after her quick shower. “Brad, those panties I purchased for our dear Sasha have a delightful surprise for you in the rear.”

“The rear?!” Sasha thought to herself. “What is she talking about???”

“Oh?” Brad said aloud as he quickly grabbed Sasha’s wrist and forcefully spun her around. As she twirled, Sasha lost her balance and landed bent over on the bed, her face lying in the sticky puddle of sex leftover from her owners love making just 30 minutes earlier.

With her in such a compromising position, Brad easily lifted the petticoat out of the way to get a good look at Grace’s gift. “Oh my, sissy! Grace really did get you some naughty panties!” He then ran his fingers along each thigh before tracing the outline of her panties. With a quick snap of her garter belt, Sasha let out a yelp as his other hand groped her clitty locked between her legs.

“Still wet as ever I see.”

It was at this time she also heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper and the cool breeze tickle her fanny. Sir eagerly ran his hand inside her panties and teased her pussy with his fingers. Her clitty instinctively clenched itself as the foreign object teased its walls.

“Sasha, my dear sissy” zzziiiiiiiiiip “I hope you’ve been doing your daily stretching exercises as well… If you haven’t, then consider this part of your punishment…”

To be continued.

The Sissy Housewife – Part 2

Sasha wasn’t given the opportunity to speak as her Mistress lowered her engorged cunt into position onto her face. The putrid smell of her owners sex coated Graces mound in a viscus mixture destined for her sissies consumption.

“Come on now, Sasha. Do just as we’ve practiced all those previous times. Don’t force Brad to get out the Hypno Cloud for poor performance. I know you still remember the last time you were forced to wear it.” Sasha did remember her week with the Hypno Cloud, it was seven day’s she would never forget or want to experience again, and all three of them knew that.
Before she could dwell on it though, her mind kicked into gear as Grace’s mound seated itself on her face. Sasha stuck out her tongue as a drop of cum oozed from her vagina. As she sucked down her first taste of Brad, Grace grasped a fistful of her hair in each hand and pulled her in closer, cutting her breathing short as her nose was pushed firmly into Graces groin. Sasha explored the recesses of her ex-lovers warm pussy in the only way she was now permitted. Grace’s once sweet taste of yesteryear was defiled and corrupted by another man’s cum she was now forced to consume as her reward for their love.

Grace bucked her hips up and down her sissies face as Sasha’s tongue eagerly scooped out the seed implanted within Mistress. Her head raced and breath grew short as Sasha pressed all the right buttons for Mistress’ pleasure alone. Months of punishments and practice have turned her into a masterful cunnilingus sex machine. Sasha had no problems bringing Grace to multiple orgasms with her expertly trained tongue, each one supplying yet another mouthful to swallow.

“Live vicariously through me.” Grace’s words from training reverberated inside her head. “Accept my orgasm as your own.” As Grace came again, their mixture of fluids were deposited into Sasha’s eagerly waiting mouth for immediate consumption. The lewd sucking and slurping sounds that filled the voids between Grace’s moans were suddenly interrupted when Brad tapped the cage adorning her button of a clitty.

“That’s enough for now you two.” He interjected before continuing to speak again. “Sasha is creating quite the mess between her legs, Grace. We wouldn’t want our little girl to have an accident, would we Sasha?” His imposing figure towered over her petite and weak body as she laid underneath Grace on the bed. Growing impatient for her response, he raised his brows and stared deep into her eyes for an answer.

“But Sir…” she gazed back at him with her best puppy dog eyes. “…you said I had been a good girl for the past year and would be allowed cummies. I…” Sasha stopped herself from continuing as the realization of what had just transpired occurred to her small mind. She had been allowed the cummies she was promised, they just weren’t hers. It was at this point she understood the true meaning of Grace’s words.

“Live vicariously through me. Accept my orgasm as your own.”

To be continued…

The Sissy Housewife – Part 1

*jingle jingle jingle*

Sasha minced her way across the house to the sound of her calling bell originating from her bedroom.  By the time she made it in her 6” heels she was greeted to an empty room with a piece of lingerie and note waiting for her.  Her pathetic clitty strained in its cage as a drop of precum leaked from the tip and stained the petticoat currently tied around her waist.  It has been so long since she was allowed cummies, and her tiny clitty was desperate to spurt its minuscule load; the outfit on her bed left no doubt that her hard work around the house was about to be rewarded.

“Put on your gift and wait outside our bedroom door.  We’ll let you know when to enter.”  — Brad

She eagerly stripped out of her maids outfit and slipped into the pink teddy.  The thin satin fabric sent her into sissy heaven as it slid across her body.  Its feminine lace tickled her thighs while her permanently erect nipples strained against the fabric, one of the many body enhancements ‘given’ to her by Master.

As she kneeled in front of the bedroom door she could hear the muffled sounds of rough passionate sex occurring just beyond her reach.  Sasha took this time to reminisce about his previous life with his wife.  The euphoric and beastly feeling of filling his wife with sperm was nothing more than a dream for her now.  She had left him for a real man years ago, the same man currently filling her pussy on the other side of the door.

“Come in Sasha!” Brad’s voice finally rang out.  She must have waited on her knees over an hour as she eagerly opened the door and curtseyed before crawling to the edge of her Master’s bed.

“Don’t be shy, come on up here with us!”  His ex-wife commanded.  Sasha looked at both of them with a puzzled and nervous look on her face.  She had never been allowed onto their bed before. Doing so would have been met with extreme punishment, something she had no interest in after years of strict training. 

“Aww… don’t be shy, baby girl!  I promise it’s okay just this once!”  Grace continued as she patted the bed with her hand. 

Sasha nervously made her way onto the bed.  As she did, Brad’s hands groped her large tits and ass, both gifts ‘given’ to her by him just six months earlier.  “I think it’s about time for your second round of upgrades!” Brad chuckled as his hand slapped her jiggling derriere.

“Lay down, Sasha.  We have a surprise for you tonight!  The next few hours are going to be all about you!” Grace giggled as Sasha laid her back on their bed.  As she finished getting into position, Grace repositioned herself so that her pussy, filled to the brim with Master’s seed, was resting just above her face. 

“One year ago you were told we would give you cummies if you perform your duties without complaint.  I’m so happy to inform you that Brad has agreed the time for you has finally come!  Now drink up and clean Brad’s cummies out very thoroughly, sweetheart. If you don’t, there’s a good chance we’ll have a baby for you to care for in nine months! Haha!”

To be continued…

Naughty Sissy Sasha

After Mistress caught Sasha trying to rub her clitty she pulled out all the stops to punish her.  For 48 hours Sasha was forced to wear three diapers, three stuffers, plastic foam diaper cover, and the bondage mitts shown below.  

To add insult to her predicament, Mistress removed her chastity cage and told her she would allow her cummies all week if she could manage to get herself off just one time in 48 hours.  

“Since you like to rub yourself so much I’ll give you all weekend to do so.  If you can’t manage, then keeping you locked for the next six months only sounds appropriate, don’t you think?”

47 hours later and Sasha hasn’t even managed to give herself a stiffy yet.  With tears running down her face Mistress walks into her room as Sasha frantically rubbed herself.

“It looks like you’ll be needing this shortly, darling.”  She says as her chastity cage is placed on her bedside table.  As Sasha glances over she weeps at the realization that her previous cage has been replaced with a newer model that’s one inch smaller.

After giving Sasha a kiss on the forehead, Mistress leans over the railing of the crib and gives her a kiss on the forehead.  “I’ll be back shortly to put it on you, baby girl.” 

Mistress grinned as she left the room.  The frustrated, desperate, and frantic jingle of her baby’s mitts echoing through the halls of her house.

Links to items worn below.

Diapered In Pink

Links to items worn below.

Humiliating The Sissy

A short caption of a scenario I can only dream about. 

Entering The Sissy ABDL Scene

Here is a sneak peek at one of the new outfits I purchased of the ABDL theme. Better pictures coming soon!

Below are links to the items being worn.

The Jewel of Epicene

After just one month at the FEM Academy, Alex, now Sasha, is ready to return home to his wife.  Little does he know, his journey into feminine submission has only just begun.

This is the beginning of a story I’m starting to write.  I’ll continue to post updates here and at as I progress.

The Miss Prisella Sissy Dress

The Miss Prisella Sissy Dress is the one that jump started my Tumblr blog and started to draw the most attention.  It’s made of primarily pretty pink satin and complimented with blue bows throughout.  I ordered this dress with a matching panties, garter belt, stockings, and blue petticoat.  

Below are all the photos from my Tumblr blog in higher quality.  Please stay tuned as I’ll be posting new dresses in some very compromising positions the very near future!

If you have any requests on what I should do in my pictures, gifs, or videos please leave a comment below!

You can view and purchase this dress at the link below.